Stencil & Hand Decorated Hanging Lamp

The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co.

Pittsburgh, Swissvale & Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Circa: 1890-1900

*Rarity Scale Rating: Very Rare

Condition: Excellent – Mint

Price: Call for Price & Availability

*(Rarity Scale: “Scarce” – “Rare” – “Very Rare” – “Extremely Rare”)



This is one of the most beautiful, original, complete, and authentic GWTW lamps that I have ever seen.  Still in original oil, this beautiful frame still sports it's original Font & Burner assembly & original chimney. Glass and Metal are in flawless original mint condition. So rare, less than one in two-hundred hanging lamps are the two-part matching art-glass variety such as this one. 

Lamp metal-work is currently being restored to its original pristine brilliant appearance. Font is the correct & original oil font and it has been burnished, buffed and sealed to its original high luster finish. (Please note that we do not guarantee that this font, or any other font that we sell, will either hold oil/kerosene or that they will safely support combustion - they are meant to be used as a lamp part only) 

These original, authentic, complete and matching GWTW Art-Glass Library Lamps are getting more and more difficult to find every day. And especially with these High-Grade Frames with Original Matching Art-Glass Fonts and Globes are nigh on to impossible to find these days - they surface once in a blue moon.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you even saw a lamp of this quality for sale, anywhere ??? 

This lamp has it all, This Exceptionally Rare Lamp combines an Extra-High Grade Frame, Incredible Flawless Satin Acid-Etched Opalescent Art-Glass Globe & Font combined with Wonderful Pristine Flawless Original Condition - and it even casts a warm and inviting glow into any room that it is placed in - what more is there???

This elegant Victorian Library Lamp is truly a rare find.  This circa 1890 - 1900's kerosene oil "Gone With The Wind" or parlor lamp was manufactured by the Pittsburgh Lamp and Brass Co. This exceptional lamp is all original, with matching art-glass ball shade and font art-glass cover.

Hard to find in this form, most examples found have brass patterned fonts, rather than the original matching glass. The glass shade and font cover are clear glass, white acid frosted on the inside, and painted (fired on) decorated with wonderful colorful still life scenes of pears in gold, maroon, fuscia and yellows, and gold and green leaves. Original brass top ring on the ball shade. Very vibrant decoration, particularity against the frosty white background; exceptionally well detailed.

The colors in the shade and font are truly lovely against the golden cherry brass of the frame. All original and matching brass frame, currently in original patina. Fancy embossed patterned sidearms curl around the shade and font, fancy embossed font with original burner, fancy cast brass pulldown, original brass canopy & retractor motor in working condition (with tension adjuster).

Original very intricate chain, (high-end brass) chain), better than the chain found on most Victorian hanging lamps. With a full size 10" ball shade, this lamp is 42" long unextended; the exceptional amount of original chaining in the retractor will allow the lamp to be expended at least another 40". All glass flawless condition, no chips cracks breaks. Still in kerosene oil condition, never drilled or electrified. 

Fabulous period Victorian hanging "Gone With The Wind" for any collection !!