Decorated Opal Art-Glass Shade and Font Hanging Lamp - CIRCA 1880's

Matching Decorated Opal Art-Glass Shade & Font Hanging Lamp with Solid Brass Victorian Prismed Library Lamp Frame manufactured by Bradley & Hubbard - Circa 1880's.. All components of Solid Brass Frame Match; the shade ring, the prism band, and the retractor canopy shell. Beautiful & Stunning Prismed Library Lamp features an early high-dome Hand-Decorated Opal Art-Glass 14 inch diameter shade. Still in original oil, this beautiful frame still sports it's original old prisms with it's original Bradley & Hubbard Font & Burner. (Chimney is a modern replica-replacement) Glass and Metal are in mint condition. Lamp is restored to its original pristine appearance. Brass font is the original, correct, and intact B&H font and it has been burnished, buffed and sealed to its original high luster finish. (Please note that we do not guarantee that this font, or any other font that we sell, will either hold oil/kerosene or that they will safely support combustion - they are meant to be used decoratively only) These original, authentic, complete and matching Prismed Library Lamps are getting more and more difficult to find every day. High Grade Frame, Incredible High-Dome Hand-Decorated Opal Art Glass Shade & Font and completely restored to original finish...truly a spectacular Victorian Lamp. This Magnificent Bradley & Hubbard Prismed Library Lamp is in excellent condition....shade is in pristine original condition also. The Retracting mechanism works just like it did when it was new. This is truly an elegant Victorian Library Lamp - Circa 1880's.

An incredible buy at $ 1,895.00 complete.

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