Jumbo “Blowing Kisses” Cherub Banquet Lamp

Old & Original Art-Glass Globes & Shades Available

Authentic, Exacting Copies of Original Fabric Shades also Available

Edward Miller Lamp Co.

Meriden, Connecticut

Height: 28-inches(+-)

Overall Lamp Base Width: 8-inches (+-)
Overall Lamp Base Depth: 8-inches (+-)
Overall Lamp Height w/ 10-inch Globe: 38-inches (+-)
Jumbo Cherub Height: 16-inches (+-)

Circa: 1885-1895

*Rarity Scale Rating: Extremely Rare

Condition: Excellent – Mint

Original Style Centre Draft Burner and Lift Out Font

Price: Call for Price & Availability

*(Rarity Scale: “Scarce” – “Rare” – “Very Rare” – “Extremely Rare”)