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All Lamps above are Subject to Prior Sale

All Lamps are in Pristine Restored Condition unless otherwise noted

Amber “Bulls Eye” Jumbo “Byzantine & Fruit” “Artichoke” “Artichoke” “Artichoke”
“Beaded Drape” “Beaded Drape” “Beaded Drape” “Bulging Loops” “Bulging Loops”
“Bulging Loops” Cardinal Red Art-Glass Lamp “Bulls Eye” “Button Tufted” “Decorated Jumbo Lamp” “Double Dolphin”
“Gargoyle” “Great Horned Owls” “Great Horned Owls” “Hollyhock” “Honeycomb & Medallion”
“Honeycomb & Medallion” “Honeycomb & Medallion” “Hyacinth” “Mermaid & Dolphin” “Oak Leaf”
“Oak Leaf” “Oak Leaf” “Oak Leaf” “Oak Leaf” “Oriental Dragon”
“Oriental Dragon” “Peaches” “Peaches” “Peaches” “Peaches”
“Peony” “Poppy” “Puppies” “Red Rose” “Regal Iris”
“Regal Iris” “Regal Iris” “Regal Iris” “Regal Iris” “Rose”
“Sheiks of the Desert” “Square Base Drape” “Square Base Drape” “Square Base Drape” “Square Base Drape”
“Vintage” “Vintage”