Ordering Merchandise & Payment

In Search of Requests:

Due to the immense amount of lamp parts and available options; if you are in search of a particular lamp, piece, part or component please Contact Us so that we can assist you in your search, we may already have what you are looking for. In addition to our immense inventory we also have Collectors that we deal with that have inventory which is not normally available publicly.

Lamp Orders:

Call us to place lamp orders so that we can get you exactly what you want; Email, text and USPS are fine for correspondence but to ensure everything is correct a phone call is still the best way.

Payment Methods:

Methods of payment accepted are 1) Personal Checks, which requires a 1O-day clearing period before lamp(s) are shipped or Money Orders or Cashier's Check, which will ship your lamp the next available business day, see our shipping policies on how and when we prefer to ship.

The 19th Century Lighting Company

does not have the ability to process Visa, MasterCard, or discover Credit Cards. However, our sister business

The Victorian Villa Inn

can process your credit card purchases for the cost of what your credit card company charges for processing - usually about 4.3% - and these purchases will ship the next available business day also, your charge will appear on your statement as being from "The Victorian Villa Inn"

Shipping & Pick-up


We always prefer if you can to pick your item(s) up at our Shop in Union City, Michigan. The more times a lamp is handled the better chances of it being damaged or broken! So, if you can it is always better to pick-up anything fragile. A pickup time and date can be made when you order your item(s).


Although we prefer to ship United parcel Service (UPS) we will he more than happy to ship your lamp or lamp parts via United Stales Postal Service (USPS) or FedEx Express if you wish. We prefer to ship the beginning of the week so you received your items during the week and they do not sit in a warehouse over the weekend. Also our preference is to not ship glass items when it is very cold, i.e. single digit or negative temperatures, in our location or the location we are shipping to as glass becomes much more brittle with the cold and the chances of damage occurring in transit are greatly increased. This is all at your discretion if you want the item shipped sooner but know our preference in how we like to minimize the chances of damage to our items as many of them are over 100 years old and that age makes them more delicate to shipping.


When an exceptionally fragile lamp is purchased and there is extra time, effort and materials used to protect it for the hazardous shipping journey, there here is a boxing charge for these shipments in addition to the purchase price. When this type of packing is required, we prefer to ship the "Box Inside of Another Box" method, it is more expensive and time consuming, however there is a better chance your lamp will arrive in one piece - and that is worth the extra effort and expense - remember. They aren’t making these lamps and lamp parts anymore... and more is broken in shipping than in the home. Some larger lamps or Metal Banquet Lamps with original shades will also require two cartons that are packed with the "Box inside Another Box" method.


Insurance is required for all shipments... no exceptions. Our best luck has been with UPS, it‘s a little more costly than regular parcel service and it's worth it. We do forewarn that USPS insurance has always been horrible for any claim that we have ever been involved with and has never made it right, whereas UPS has always come through.

Lamp Sales & Lamp Lay-Aways

The 19th Century Lighting Company

was established in 1972. What this means is that we have been in business for over 50 years and that I want all my customers to be happy and satisfied with each of the lamps and lighting devices that they purchase from my shop. I feel a responsibility to honestly represent my lamps in photos, descriptions, and conversations to my customers. I will go out of my way to provide each customer with as much descriptive information as possible. Customers’ can call me up and ask as many questions as they wish and to place their orders.

For every lamp I list on my lamp web-site; I include at least one photo and/or a detailed description. In addition, upon customer request, I will e-mail a set of photos of a lamp being considered for purchase and will attempt to answer all of a customer's questions as best as I can & as quick as I can before you ever make a purchase. I want to do more than to just sell lamps... I want to build a strong repeat customer base and I want my customers to cherish the lamps that they purchase from me at least as much as I have cherished these lamps during their tenure with me.

In addition, we cordially invite all customers, when it is possible for them to make the journey, to come to our open-shop and look over all the lamps that we have in stock. We are not only a dot-com business we are a brick and mortar business. While you are here, you may inspect them as thoroughly as you like. I will even disassemble lamps for you that you are interested in for you to inspect, or I will lake photos of the disassembled lamp parts and e-mail/text the photos to you to inspect at your leisure. I love sharing information and l want each of my customers to be an informed & knowledgeable customer.

In return.... I ask only that my customers be responsible consumers. If you, as a customer, have any hesitations prior to purchase, please e-mail me and ask for additional photos, for more detailed descriptions, and/or call me and ask as many questions as you need lo before you purchase.

Merchandise Return & Refund Policy

Due to circumstance of; there is no way to guarantee we are getting our exact lamp/item we shipped returned, damaged/breakage was done to the lamp/item by the customer after receiving the shipment due to negligence, the high probability the lamp/item is not packed properly on it's return trip and will be damaged in transit or that pieces & parts have been taken off of or replaced with other parts on the lamp by the customer.

For those reasons and others... all sales are final!!

The only exception to the above policy is for Lay-away items....that have NOT left the shoppe- Upon proper notice, i will grant a refund credit toward the purchase of any another lamp in the shoppe equal to what the customer has already paid on the lamp that was placed on lay-away... but we do not give cash refunds. For lamps that are purchased on a lay-away basis and mailed or taken from the shoppe, we feel that plenty of time elapses during the lay-away period for a responsible consumer to adequately conduct an inspection and/or request additional photos, and/or make inquiring phone calls, and/or ask what-ever questions, and/or etc...and just like any other purchase, all sales are final.

- Policy Declaration -

Sur-Charges, Insurance & Insurance Claims

Please Read Carefully - Items Purchased may be subject to the following surcharges:


State of Michigan Sales Tax (unless out of state purchase or in-state Dealer purchase)


Credit Card Processing Charges which the charge that the cardholders credit card company charges merchants for processing their credit cards - usually 4.5%


Packing Charges cover the cost associated with our cost for shipping containers, protective bubble warp, styrofoam, paper packing and shipping tape.


Insurance is charged to every item that the 19th Century Lighting Company ships, regardless of wether its is shipped via FedEx, USPS or UPS. We do not ship anything to anyone without full insurance and delivery confirmation. All shipper have thousands of claims each month for parcels that they have lost or damaged.

Shipping Damage & Insurance Claims

All items that are shipped to purchaser/customer are required to be insured for the Total Cost of the item, not including shipping and insurance charges - No Exceptions. All items are packed lo current shipping standards: and most highly breakable & valuable items are Wrapped and packed in a box inside of another box and surrounded with approved packing materials.

The 19th Century Lighting Company has been in business since 1972 and ships hundreds of boxes of lamps, lamp parts and delicate antique glass items each and every year: and 99% of these shipped items arrive safely without damage. Occasionally, an item is lost or will arrive damaged due to the shipper's poor, rough or careless handling of an item.

If this should happen, the customer must file all of the insurance claim, forms through the customer's choice of shipper. It is the customer who chooses the shipper the customer who pays the shipping & the insurance charges, and it is the customer who will receive the refund.

We at the 19th Century Lighting Co. do certify that we will do everything within our power to assist purchaser/customer in their insurance claim pursuit up to & including: providing photos verifying condition prior to shipment of breakable items; bills of sale: as well as assisting the customer in completing insurance claim forms sent to us by either the shipper or the customer.

However, let if be crystal clear: It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser/customer to pursue and & all Insurance claims. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage after the item leaves our possession; it then becomes the sole responsibility of the custom and the customer's shipper of choice - thus our requirement for full insurance coverage on all items we ship - even non breakable ones. I'm sorry but we do not provide any refunds for lost merchandise or merchandise that arrives damages: no exceptions!!

Authenticity Guarantee

19th Century lighting Company's Authenticity Guarantee:

every lamp in stock that is restored by us, comes with our own "Authenticity Guarantee". It allows you the customer to purchase investment level lighting with confidence.

Each lamp & lighting device accompanied with This "Authenticity Guarantee" has been restored to its original pristine condition*.


All glass has been professionally cleaned and restored to its original patina.


All brass components have been burnished & polished to a beautiful original sheen and then lacquer sealed to protect that shine for many years to come.


All lamp components have been restored to their original finish.


Cast iron components are restored to the original factory state. Which means if they were originally brass, silver or nickel plated they have been cleaned, re-plated and sealed to their original shine & beauty. If they were originally painted they have been clean, re-painted and sealed to their original shine & beauty


With the possible exception of a lamp chimney, all of the parts, and pieces are the original and authentic parts and pieces that the lamp and lighting devices were originally manufactured with.


Each lamp we sell contains the correct font that it was originally manufactured with, however, we do not guarantee that the font will hold oil or that it is safe to burn oil or any other flammable liquid in the font. These fonts are many times a century or more old and are not safe to fill with flammable liquids and light. *They are restored to their original beauty, not function, and are meant only to enhance the appearance and total restoration of the original lamp. Therefore fonts are not supplied with either wicks or flame spreaders, However, for appearance sake, these items may be purchased separately.

Because we do not sell items that have been "married up" with new parts or non-original old pieces, you can purchase with utmost confidence that your lamp is completely old and original.